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It’s on Loan Mr. Webster

In your dictionary, the Deluxe edition…
Mr Webster, sir, your definitions,
A “gift”, you say, is a “thing that’s given”
And “Life” is about METABOLISM!!

But when “The Gift of Life” is given, you see
You’ve missed the point…ENTIRELY
With these definitions, come on, my friend,
“Giving Metabolism”??? That’s the worst you’ve penned…

Change “Gift” dear man, to PRICELESS TREASURE
It’s one worth MORE than you can measure..
And change “life” to reflect the soul of man
Use “dawn” and “dream” and “hope” and “plan”

The end result, you’ll soon agree
OUR definition … one that you may borrow
The “gift” is TODAY and Life … a TOMORROW!!

By Jen Smallin
Pancreas and Kidney Recipient, June 1993
University of California – Davis Medical Center